MAPSYS Provides IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Services and Solutions

In a fast interconnecting and complex world, taking on new challenges and opportunities require agility: the ability to assess, reinvent and adjust. It is the kind of agility that is enabled by IBM Cognos Business Intelligence. MAPSYS has the skills in place to help your business implement or improve a Business Intelligence solution through the IBM Cognos suite of products. If you are considering implementing a Business Intelligence solution for your company, work with MAPSYS to architect the best solution for your business including:

  • Identifying the data sources required to meet your reporting needs
  • Defining the most effective ways to access and leverage your data
  • Configuring the system to get the most out of your hardware
  • Selecting the right IBM Cognos products
  • Creating dashboards and reports to help you get started
  • Providing training for your users and IT staff
If you have an IBM Cognos solution today, we can make sure you are getting the most out of your investment by:
  • Providing a Cognos Healthcheck
  • Planning for and performing Cognos upgrades
  • Performance tuning to improve report speed and get the most out of your infrastructure
  • Developing and implementing a mobile strategy
  • Discussing additional products to help better leverage your investment
The MAPSYS Difference
The Cognos Team at MAPSYS boasts real world experience with companies ranging from small businesses to the Fortune 100 — public and private — in every industry. Contact the Team at MAPSYS to create and tailor a solution specifically customized to meet YOUR business needs.

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