Paper files are cheap, right? Only a few cents for paper and printing?

Actually, the full cost of keeping important records on paper is higher than you might think. There are a few hidden expenses involved when your documents are stored physically (instead of digitally).

The time cost of managing physical files

How valuable is your team’s time? When considering the cost of document storage and management, it’s easy to overlook the time spent dealing with physical files. Providing multiple people with access requires creating multiple copies, indexing and organization is time-consuming and complicated, and moving documents to a new location is a major project.

The cost of a potential security breach

How important is it to keep files secure? What would a breach in security cost your team?

The only option for sharing a paper file requires retrieving the document, making copies, editing or redacting sensitive information, and permanently providing a copy to a person outside of the organization.

Digital files, on the other hand, can be easily edited before sharing, and you can provide temporary, password-protected access. Files can be encrypted and secured, and document histories let you know who has accessed or moved files.

The cost of damaged files

What would it take to replace your records? Storing physical files includes the potential for physical damage. Depending on storage location, important records may be vulnerable to humidity damage, flooding, or fire—and if your only copies are onsite, critical information can be lost.

It’s easy to keep offsite copies of digital files, making the process of recovering from any damage to facilities much less stressful.

You may be surprised to learn how inexpensive digital file management can be. MAPSYS provides DIF (Document Imaging Foundations), a powerful yet simple way to store files securely without breaking the bank or bloating your system with features you don’t need. With DIF, you can scan, store, and manage files of any type or size. The MAPSYS team can handle implantation and training—all in a matter of weeks, and for less than six figures.

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