IBM Software
MAPSYS is a “Premier” IBM Software Partner. As such we can represent to you not only world class software from IBM, but also the confidence that your “partner” is qualified and has a history of producing satisfied customers.
Allow MAPSYS to leverage our considerable standing with IBM to reduce your software license costs with VAP, SVI, Move2Lotus, Silver Bullets, Service Vouchers and other IBM discount programs that most IBM Business Partners can’t qualify for. MAPSYS also has the experience necessary for creative licensing strategies that can save your business tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, take advantage of our Managed Assets Program to track your maintenance and subscriptions for all software, even non-IBM.
MAPSYS can help you select the best combinations of server and operating environment for your IBM software. We will assist you in developing the scope, pricing, and implementation requirements for all of your IBM Software projects.

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